T-ARA รวมรูป 6 สาวน่ารัก


The modern and sophisticated, yet feminine-imaged girl group T-ara are revealing their beauty secrets to their female fans. T-ara’s makeup brand (the brand they use) Jadilla J’s “Showy Gloss (lip gloss)” had a release celebration, and at the event “Beauty Class from Stars”, they each revealed their make-up secrets.

The event on the 26th opened with a famous makeup artist teaching, then it followed with singers T-ara during the second portion.

During the first portion they discussed upcoming fall makeup trends and tips, customers tried out the makeup and received coaching about makeup styles from experts. In addition, singers T-ara discussed their team’s makeup know-how through a question and answer session.

Showy Glass is used by Nam Gyuri, Shin Ae, Yuri, Baek Jiyoung, Hwang Inyoung, Shim Eunjin, Amy, and other artists, creating a lip glass mania that has made it very famous.
รวมรูปศิลปิน กลุ่มเกาหลี ทีอาร่า